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TerraToe - Rough Cut

TerraToe - Rough Cut

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Discover the rugged side of barefeet footwear with the Rought Cut - the shoe that fuses the best features of barefoot technology with the sturdy durability of a hiking shoe. Crafted for adventurers who crave the perfect blend of form and function, the Rought Cut offers unparalleled grip, flexibility, and a natural feel underfoot, while still providing the essential protection you need on demanding terrains.

One of the defining features of the Rought Cut is its robust sole, designed to shield your foot from rough surfaces without compromising on the natural feedback that barefoot shoes are celebrated for. You'll experience a unique blend of sensitivity and sturdiness - feeling the texture of the earth beneath you, while being shielded from any unexpected sharp rocks or debris.

The upper section, fashioned from breathable yet rugged materials, mirrors the toughness of hiking boots without the restrictive, heavy feel. These shoes let your foot move as nature intended, enabling full flexion and extension with each step.

What sets Rought Cut even further apart is the inclusion of innovative, stretchy laces. These laces not only provide secure and comfortable fit but also feature a quick adjustment mechanism, making it incredibly easy to slip the shoes on and off. And despite their elasticity, they maintain a secure grip on your foot, even in the toughest conditions.

Despite being built to withstand harsh conditions, Rought Cut shoes maintain the trademark lightness of barefoot shoes, warding off fatigue during those long treks. Whether you're hitting the trails or navigating the urban jungle, the Rought Cut lets you embark on your adventure in comfort and style.

Please note: Like all of our barefoot shoes, the Rought Cut promotes natural movement and foot mechanics. If you're new to barefoot shoes, it's recommended to gradually increase usage to allow your feet and body time to adjust to the new shoe style.

Embrace the wild. Step into the Rought Cut today.

Important considerations:

  • These shoes have a thicker sole than usual barefoot shoes. You won't feel the ground as much which can be a negative if you like the original bare feet -feeling.
  • The tip of the shoes is a bit pointy. It doesn't follow the toes like barefoot shoes usually do but looks more like a regular running shoe. This can be a turnoff for some, so take that into account before ordering.
  • The upper material is highly breathable and does not hold water. These are not officially classified as hiking boots. Please note that the idea of barefoot shoes is to bring nature close to your feet, including moisture. If you use these for hiking, make sure to dry your feet and take sufficient breaks. 
  • Clean with a damp cloth. Machine washing quickly wears down the shoe and may detach glues or otherwise damage the shoe.
  • If you have not previously used barefoot shoes, remember to gradually introduce your new shoes. Your feet are likely accustomed to overly supportive shoes and the foot muscles easily become sore when they are suddenly used in a natural way.
  • The size is not the same as your other shoes. Barefoot shoes should be snug to feel most comfortable. See the measurement instructions here.

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