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TerraToe Bamboo Socks

TerraToe Bamboo Socks

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Have you ever used good-quality bamboo socks? If not, you need to try them right now!

Bamboo socks breathe well and they feel soft even after dozens of washes and days of usage. We don't use any socks other than these anymore (apart from the ones we got as a Christmas present from our momma. We need to wear them sometimes, right?). These socks are just so good!

These particular ones come in two lengths. The long version for the more business look where you want to hide your ankles like it's the Victorian era even when you're sitting down and it feels like those pant legs want to climb up to your armpits. These are really long and can go halfway up the calf.
The other length is for the ones that want to show a little bit of skin, but not too much: the regular ones. These regular ones are not ankle socks though, so take that into consideration when making a purchase. IMPORTANT NOTE: The shorter version is not in the pictures!

Note that although these socks are resilient, they are not designed for extreme hiking or heavy-duty wear and tear.

Sold in bundles of 5 and 10 pairs.

Size is one-size-fits-all ranging from 38 to 44(EU) or 6 to 11(US) or 5 to 9.5(UK). Roughly. These are quite stretchy, so they should fit most of the tree trunk legs out there.

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