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TerraToe - Alpha One

TerraToe - Alpha One

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The natural yet sporty barefoot shoe is designed to mimic barefoot walking by providing a protective but minimal sole. Lightweight and breathable materials keep your steps comfortable, and the wide toe box gives your toes space to move naturally.

The quick-lace system ensures a comfortable and secure fit, and the grippy sole provides reliable traction both indoors and outdoors. These shoes are ideal for both sports and leisure use.

With a barefoot shoe, you can better experience the details underfoot, promoting balance and the body's natural posture. Choose the Natural Barefoot Shoe to enjoy a more natural, freer, and healthier walking experience.

Important considerations:

  • The sole of the shoe has holes in the pictures, which look like they are for water drainage, but the holes do not go all the way through. Thus, this shoe does not dry out quite as quickly from walking in water as similar shoes equipped with drainage holes.
  • Clean with a damp cloth. Machine washing quickly wears down the shoe and may detach glues or otherwise damage the shoe.
  • If you have not previously used barefoot shoes, remember to gradually introduce your new shoes. Your feet are likely accustomed to overly supportive shoes and the foot muscles easily become sore when they are suddenly used in a natural way.
  • The size is not the same as your other shoes. Barefoot shoes should be snug to feel most comfortable. See the measurement instructions here.

Foot size to shoe size table


Make each step more natural with a barefoot shoe. Order yours today!

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